First off,
"The audience who loves traditional, clean Jazz should not read further."


 LateSet Records Label Concept 

New York is the place where talented musicians gather from all edges of the country and all corners of the world. There is the musical genius, the winner of the prestigious competition, the one who refuses to compromise his or her music for the major recording deal - these are the pure and passionate, who never play for the money, the fame, or the commercialism. There is even the guy in his late-thirties, who gets excited like a kid when he is granted a scholarship for a music school.

Their lives as a professional musician are not as simple as it seems. They run to a music class during their lunch break, and then rush back to their day job as a teacher of an instrument. They end their night performing a gig at a music house or a restaurant for little compensation.

Unknown to tourists and the mass audience, New York City has underground live performances after hours. This is a "Late Set".

After the audience that came to "hear" the big name performances leaves to go home, the artists that were mentioned above start gathering at these music houses. Regardless of how many people are actually listening, a real jam session begins. The vibe they create can be intense at times, but often, the music gently flows like a warm breeze that passes through the city late at night. This mellow discovery can only be described as just "cool."

Those who take part in late sets are simply "cool" and the vibes of their music is also "cool." This is what LateSet Records strives to capture. LateSet Records might not be widely accepted in places like Japan where traditional, pristinely beautiful Jazz is preferred. But if you open up to the "cool” artists of late sets with their "cool" sound, you will experience midnight Jazz (Late Set) that is just as powerful as it is mellow and gentle to your soul.


Thank you to these passionate artists who joined LateSet Records.


Yasuo Sakai
LateSet Records


 About the Company 

LateSet Records is formed with its parent label, Spice Records - a Japan-based label that has brought numerous talented musicians to success - and its sister label, Smalls Records - connected with the New York jazz club. LateSet Records strives to be the record label that helps take the music scene to the next level by prioritizing the quality of their artists as the core marketing strength. Planting roots in New York, USA and Tokyo, Japan, LateSet is spreading its ddistribution capabilities around the world. Together with major labels such as Colombia Music Entertainment Japan, LateSet will continue to deliver diverse and quality sounds and support its stellar musicians.