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Amanda Monaco
I Think I'll Keep You

[ Catalogue number : LSR04 ]

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In some historical points of view, music has been used as a tool for artists to fight against the prejudice of color, gender, nationality, age, income difference, social status, etc. and to express one's justification of existence based on those. However, some in our generation have been taught - by the (so-called) "winners" - that the happiness can only be measured by being ahead of others. They now seem lost, unable to find themselves. An Emotional Intelligence gleams through the music of Amanda Monaco and appears to be the sacred message to the "lost" generation. Braced with her musical knowledge and experience, she stays true to the world she captures through her senses by reflecting her femininity, sensuality, and her sense of humor in the music that only she can crystallize.


Amanda Monaco was born in New Haven, Connecticut. She started playing guitar at age 12. Her experience led her to the heart of legendary New York Jazz scenes such as Blue Note and JVC Jazz Festival, also to the number of gigs and session works in United States and Europe with great musicians such as Steve Wilson, Harvie S, and Norah Jones etc. Amanda's musical versatility is notable, in that she has been invited to teach at Berklee College of Music, New School University, and the National Guitar Workshop. Her highly intelligent approach to composition and her passionate style of performance make a dramatic contrast, is making her truly one of a kind.


Amanda Monaco - Guitar
Michael Attias - Baritone and Alto Saxophone
Satoshi Takeishi - Drums
Sean Conly - Bass


Produced By Amanda Monaco and Atsuo Nitta (Saphaia Productions)


01  I Think I'll Keep You
02  Slinky
03  So Much For Spring
05  Jitterbug Waltz
06  Darn That Dream
07  Co-op Shift
08  You and the Night and the Music
09  Haifalutin
10  It's Like This, See...

All Songs are arranged and written by Amanda Monaco except : You and the Night and the Music (SCHWARTZ, HOWARD DIETZ), Jitterbug Waltz (Fats Waller), Darn that Dream (Van Heusen), HHCK Blues (Jack Bruce)