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Gilad Hekselman
Words Unspoken

[ Catalogue number : LSR03 ]

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The world has changed completely since the birth of Jazz. The technology-age culture has given music an astonishing diversity. However, while many have simply followed the footsteps of the great musicians of the past, there are few who saw the "presen"world through their own eyes and created their own art. Even fewer have realized the importance of such originality.
By Gilad's talent in composition, arrangement, and interpretation of time and space, "Words Unspoken"is perfected as something that doesn't stay preset but may become accepted as the future "standard". The "magic"created by free and explosive spirit of the young musicians who participated in the recording is a jewel born out of Giladís exquisite sensibility and the mutual trust among them. That is something that can never be achieved by technology alone.


Gilad Hekselman is a guitarist and composer, born in Israel in 1983. This young musician possesses undeniable talent and maturity that is beyond his age. Gilad started playing classical piano at the age of six, then moved on to the guitar at nine. When Gilad turned twelve, he was performing professionally with the band for a weekly children's television show. In 2005, he was the winner of the Gibson Montreux International Guitar Competition. On top of all of these accomplishments and last year's release of his debut album, "SplitLife"(Live), by Smalls Records - the sister label of LateSet Records Gilad is emerging stronger than ever. The upcoming album that is his first studio recording with LateSet Records will be released on 10/06/2009 in the U.S.A.


Gilad Hekselman: Guitar
Joe Martin: Bass
Marcus Gilmore: Drums
Joel Frahm: Tenor Saxophone (for tracks 04, 06, 07 and 10)


01  Ga'agua
02  New York Angels
03  April In Paris
04  Words Unspoken
05  Countdown
06  Someone to Watch Over Me
07  Yo Mama's Blues
08  Time After Time
09  How Long Has This Been Going On
10  Will The Song Ever End?


Produced By Gilad Hekselman and Atsuo Nitta (Saphaia Productions)

All Songs are arranged and written by Gilad Hekselman except April in Paris, (Vernon Duke & E. Y. Harburg ), Time After Time (J. Styne & S. Cahn), Countdown (John Coltrane), Someone to Watch over me (George Gershwin and Ira Gershwin), How Long Has This Been Going On (George Gershwin and Ira Gershwin)