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Peter Mazza
Through My Eyes

[ Catalogue number : LSR01 ]

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This album is comprised of completely new views for music with the boldly adapted steel string acoustic guitar that is compelling, knocking the stereotypical image of Jazz off. By the hands of the producer Matt Smith, guitar sound specialist, and Peter Mazza's sophisticated musical knowledge incorporating unconventional overdubs of multiple electric guitars and effectors use has successfully let this album define as not only a Jazz album but also a guitar album. For its diversity created by Peter's top-notch guitar technique and the young supporting musicians, this album will certainly attract even the non-Jazz fanatics.


Peter Mazza is a remarkably accomplished jazz guitarist and composer from New York City. Peter is recognized for his passionate and poignant interpretations of the most complex jazz standards. Blending clean and fluent lines with colorful and inventive chord voicings, he creates lush solo guitar pieces as well as imaginative ensemble arrangements. Born and raised in New York City, he was encouraged to pursue his interest in music by his father, an accomplished jazz pianist. Having graduated from the distinguished Manhattan School of Music, he has been playing and teaching for more than 10 years. Peter went on to gain acceptance from the prestigious Thelonius Monk Jazz Guitar Competition when he was ranked semifinalist by a panel of renowned guitarists. The debut release "Through My Eyes" is an invitation into Peter's world filled with rich jazz vocabulary along with his beautiful guitar sounds.

The debut release "Through My Eyes" is an invitation into Peter’s world filled with rich jazz vocabulary along with his beautiful guitar sounds.


Peter Mazza: Electric, Acoustic and Baritone Guitar
Bill Campbell: Drums
Matt Penman: Acoustic Bass
Will Vinson: Alto, Soprano Sax


Produced by Matt Smith
Co-Produced by Peter Mazza And Atsuo Nitta (Saphaia Productions)


01  Burned
02  Close To My Heart
03  Testa Rossa
04  Goodbye
05  Alphabet City
06  My Funny Valentine
07  On Green Dolphin Street
08  Shangri-la
09  Dreaming Of Open Spaces
10  Alone with You

All Songs are arranged/written by Peter Mazza (ASCAP) except My Funny Valentine written by Rodgers/Hart and On Green Dolphin Street written by Kaper/Washington